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How to Market Your Features : Volkswagen Precision Parking

Volkswagen-precision parking

Creativity is key when it comes to the performance of advertisements. When Volkswagen wanted to increase the sale of optional equipment with the new cars they sell, they created this creative advertisement. It compares the difficulty of parallel parking to how tough it would be for a spiky hedgehog to squeeze between two goldfish in vulnerable plastic bags. It was first published in November of 2012, as Volkswagen had just launched its new park assist feature in its vehicles. The purpose of the ad is to firstly make people aware of the risks of parking tightly between cars can bring, and by doing so introducing the new Park Assist Feature Volkswagen have to offer, and the effects it has on tightly parking.

This ad shows three goldfish and one porcupine. They are lined up, and the porcupine is surrounded between two goldfishes. This ad uses many advertising techniques to try and promote their product. An appeal they try to use is the need to feel safe. They try and make feel people safe by promoting their new park assist feature.

Volkswagen made a smart choice to go with such a lighthearted and humorous advertisement for their precision parking technology. The coloring and the placement of the focal point in the ad create a pleasurable sight for the viewer. This ad is effective because it successfully lightens up the heart of the driver by using cute animals. The USP being used in this ad is that unlike other cars, Volkswagen has a park assist feature which makes it better. Together contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color all work together to create an effective advertisement.

Advertising Agency: DDB Tribal Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Maged Nassar, Ali Ali
Illustrator: The Operators
Account Supervisor: Susanne Plümecke
Account Manager: Catrin Schmid
Art Buyer: Susanne Kreft

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