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Eco Friendly Cork Home and Lifestyle Products

Cork is a brilliant but often underestimated material, it can be used to create home and lifestyle products that are exciting, elegant and beautifully crafted. Accessorize your home with these gorgeously crafted – and eco friendly – homeware and accessories. Being a sustainable raw material, cork stands out as a favorite option for manufacturers and designers to explore.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a wine stopper might give you a clear image of traditional cork using purpose. Due to the tremendous advantages that cork has to offer, cork products are rapidly growing within wide ranges of applications. Cork is a natural material which is well known for its elasticity and impermeability. When forests are managed properly, cork oak can provide a sustainable and renewable timber product. Products made from cork are also very lightweight, waterproof and stain resistant. 

Cork trees can live for more than 200 years, and can be harvested over 16 times.

Rainforest Alliance

Let me explain a remarkable property of cork, It might look spongy outside, but cork is waterproof. This material contains millions of cells in each cubic centimeter which may be mistaken as absorbent fabric; however, these cells also contain suberin, which is a natural fatty substance. Therefore, almost no water retention is made within its cell walls, perfectly explaining why cork has water resistance properties. Cork oak is found through southwestern Europe and into northwestern Africa in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Portugal, which is home to the largest collection of cork oak trees, is also the world leader in cork production. Although traditionally thought of as a cheap material, when combined with contemporary design, cork can more than hold its own in the world of high end luxury.

Cork House, Canada & US

Cork House is a 150 year old Canada & US based Brand, founded by Jelinek Cork Group, specializes and works only with cork – from the forest level to the final product – making JCG perhaps the most innovative cork company in the world. Over the years, JCG has participated in a number of conservation initiatives related to the cork industry. These initiatives always have the same objective – no pollution, no wastage of raw materials, and recycling whenever possible. For example, JCG is a primary participant in an innovative environmental program called Bag-a-Cork which involves the collection and recycling of used cork bottle stoppers. The Bag-a-Cork initiative is the first of such in North America. They have a extensive range of cork products in DIY, crafts & hobby, homeware, fashion, lifestyle & accessories, as well as home improvement.

MindTheCork, UK

MindTheCork which is a UK based Brand, has been creating eco friendly contemporary products from cork since 2013. The Founder Jenny Espirito Santo, is inspired to make the most of one of the world’s most underrated materials. She has combined bold and original design with Fair trade sustainable materials to create contemporary luxury with an environmental and social conscience.

The Clementine, UK

The Clementine is a UK based Brand, which makes Homeware & lifestyle products inspired by nature, made with materials sourced sustainably. Their designed range of Cork tableware and homewares makes up a unique product offering.

Orenda, India

Orenda which is a India based Brand, makes cork yoga mats, blocks, meditation cushions, bags, wallets, caps and other lifestyle related products. The Founder Yatin Arora, strives to facilitate a strong, healthy union between conscious individuals and our Mother Earth.

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