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Creative Clarity : A practical guide for bringing creative thinking into your company

Creative Clarity

This book by Jon Kolko is built on a simple premise: Most companies don’t know what creativity really is, so they can’t benefit from it. They lack creative clarity.  

Creative clarity requires you to do four things: 

1. Choreograph a creative strategy, describing a clear future even among the blurry business landscape.
2. Grow teams that include those creative, unpredictable outcasts;  give them the space to produce amazing work; and build a unique form of trust in your company culture.
3. Institutionalize an iterative process of critique, conflict, and ideation.
4. Embrace chaos but manage creative spin and stagnation.  

This book is primarily for people in charge of driving strategic change through an organization. If you are a line manager responsible for exploring a horizon of opportunity, the book will help you establish a culture of creative product development in which your teams can predictably deliver creative results. You’ll learn methods to drive trust among your team members to enable you to critique and improve their work. And as an organizational leader, you’ll complement your traditional business strategies with the new language and understanding you need to implement creativity in a strategic manner across your company. In a creative environment, chaos is the backdrop for hidden wonderment and success. In this book, you’ll gain clarity in the face of that chaos, so you can build great products, great teams, and a high-performing creative organization.

We look around at the few companies that seem to have creativity figured out, the companies celebrated as creative market leaders. Google has launched an entire business called “X” to drive its creative “moonshots”—huge problems with radical solutions. X is combining creatively diverse backgrounds in a high-pressure environment to arrive at massively different ways of thinking about problems: “What if a sculptor and a kite surfer worked together to rethink how we harness the power of the wind? Or if an aerospace engineer and a fashion designer teamed up to bring internet to everyone with balloons?”

Jon kolko

This is a great book that clearly describes how messy the creative process can be. It highlights how important it is for leadership and management to foster a culture of creativity within an organization. The book encourages the reader to seek a problem solving framework — particularly when working with creative professionals like designers, graphic artists and journalists. In this book, you’ll gain clarity in the face of that chaos, so you can build great products, great teams, and a high-performing creative organization. Thoughtful & well-written with so many clear takeaways on how to embrace and leverage the creative process as a strategy. The book fits right in today’s economy in which creative value is directly proportional to branding value and ultimately monetary value.


Author: Jon Kolko

Publisher: Brown Bear LLC
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0978853814
ISBN-13: 978-0978853815

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