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Creative Ad Campaign with API integration

Welspun-Ad with API Integration

Welspun India Limited’s domestic brand, Welspun, has recently launched a digital campaign to raise awareness around the decreasing groundwater levels across the country. The campaign is rolled out using digital ad banners backed by unique API integration, which shows the residents the groundwater levels in their city on a real-time basis. It also highlights the Welspun’s range of reversible bedsheets that save up to 40% of water during washing. This is a good place to understand the basics of API integration with an example.

Welspun’s campaign decided to build on this compelling issue. The campaign, by digital agency FoxyMoron, uses digital ad banners backed by an unique API integration, which shows residents the groundwater levels in their city on a real-time basis. The innovative ad banners are served to users showing them the real-time groundwater level of their respective cities. They are curated using a specially designed API that allows the groundwater level data to be pulled from the official source and incorporated in the banner concurrently. The banners will also display Welspun’s 2-in-1 bed sheets as one of the immediate solutions to conserve water thereby urging consumers to do their bit. The campaign is currently live in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Jharkhand and many more regions where the groundwater levels are severe.

On the basis of mapped data, an API (application programming interface) was created to highlight the groundwater level in that city. Three different types of creatives were then created – one for each – low, moderate and high water levels. “Where it’s high, we are saying you should maintain this, where it is moderate we are saying there is scope for improvement and in cities with low groundwater levels, we say it is critical and now is the time to take some action.”

Through this campaign, Welspun has reached over 2 million users so far and is witnessing a click-through rate of 2.4%, which is 4 times higher than the 0.50% industry average for mobile banners on programmatic. Users who are in the critical ground water level zone have engaged 28% more than those users in moderate and good ground water level zone.

Commenting on the association, Umesh Shashidharan, Media Director – FoxyMoron added: “Using the API, we are making customers understand the criticality of the situation and enabling them to take action by providing a product which does make a difference. It works best for the brand as the education about the water crisis and integration of product is happening seamlessly. All this was also backed with customized and automated programmatic targeting. We hope Welspun’s efforts to bring awareness are enabling much necessary change towards water conversation.”


Agency: FoxyMoron India

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